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Front Door

A few riffs on the front door, using existing elements

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Design Concept

The purpose of these designs -- all very similar -- is to allow us to assess the need to integrate existing constructs into the final design. We also should try to make a front door that represents the business model and not merely provide a high-level view of the site and its contents.

Six Riffs on a Common Theme

version one
the brochure, more or less
version two
the brochure, with clouds in the header
version three
a lot of white space
version four
the body area of version three, with our standard header element
version five
content in our shadow boxes
version six
content in our shadow boxes, with the header
version seven
new center area
version eight
rollover script
version nine
anotehr version
version ten
vertical pics

Design Constraints

Given Keith's hard work on this, and my own, I would like to see if we can agree to the following constraints:

  1. The logo, mountain range, and navigation widget must be present in the final design.
  2. The page should represent Vertek's business model. (In my examples, I focused on the four practice areas, but there are probably other ways to accomplish this requirement.)
  3. There must be no new design motifs introduced that we cannot meld with existing design elements.
  4. Any dynamic effects must meet these criteria:
    1. The off-state of an effect must convey information in a solid way.
    2. The on-state must be a natural and expected result that does not disturb the viewer in any way.
    3. The effect must convey something worthwhile -- no art for art's sake.



Spotlight on AREA_NAME

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