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Craig Hanoch

227 Montgomery Street, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904; 732/828-6722; craig@hanoch.org

Jewelry Box

This small chest, originally designed for my wife's 40th birthday, appeared as a gallery photo in the June issue of Woodwork magazine.

The frame is Gabon ebony; the panels, zircote; and the drawer fronts, curly bird'seye maple. The drawers include removable dividers, creating up to nine spaces in the top two drawers or three in the lower four.

The box is 18"h x 11"w x 9"d.

The Jewelry Box may be ordered in ebony, maple, and Carpathian elm burl for $1500. Requests for alternative dimensions or choices of material are welcome.


Double Bookcase

An original design, the Double Bookcase was crafted for a local physician and friend to store his collection of medical volumes in one large case.

The bookcase is constructed of solid red oak, and includes adjustable shelves, a face frame in curly red oak, and solid brass shelf pins and sleeves.

The crown mouldings and beaded shelf edges, as well as the beaded relief where the face frame joins the sides, are all hand carved.

The bookcase is 78"h x 63"w x 12"d.

The Double Bookcase may be ordered in red oak or soft maple for $4800. Also available in other domestic hardwoods, including quartered or figured woods, for an additional charge.


Colonial Bookcase

The Colonial Bookcase was designed for our dentist for storing medical records.

Constructed of solid red oak, the shelves are joined to the sides by sliding tapered dovetails, stopped 3/16" from the edge so as to conceal and protect the joints.

The crest at the top of each side, designed specifically for this bookcase, is based on colonial pieces.

While this custom Colonial Bookcase stands 84"h x 30"w x 13"d, the standard dimensions are approximately 80"h x 30"w x 11"d.

The Colonial Bookcase is available in red oak or soft maple for $1800 each; $3000, pair. Requests for alternative dimensions or choices of material - cherry, white oak, hard maple, quartered or figured woods - are welcome.


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