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Craig Hanoch

227 Montgomery Street, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904; 732/828-6722; craig@hanoch.org 


As a project manager and information design specialist, I have created solid, innovative solutions for the United Nations, major media and telecommunications corporations, and niche internet companies.

United Nations, Department of Field Support, Field Personnel Division, New York, N.Y.

DFS/FPD Umoja Focal Point, 2013 - 2015

  • Manage DFS/FPD engagement with Umoja, including relationship with OHRM.
  • Ensure adequate resourcing for project workstreams, especially training and support.
  • Represent field interests in Umoja workstreams, including design, testing, benefits realisation, data management, training, support, and business intelligence.
  • Deliver briefings for FPD management, including risk analysis and mitigation plans. Advise FPD and OHRM on project management, deployment plans, and other structural considerations.
  • Provide guidance to DFS Strategic Change Management team regarding Umoja and interfaces with other DFS initiatives, such as the Global Field Support Strategy.

Chief, Information Management Unit, DFS/FPD, 2009 - 2013

  • Led transition of IMU core function from basic reporting to analytics and business intelligence, repositioning IMU as both a monitoring and strategic resource. Several business intelligence tools were based on SixSigma process improvement models, building statistical foundation for enabling process improvement.
  • Facilitated integration of business intelligence into project plans for workforce planning, recruitment, and staffing.
  • Implemented significant process efficiencies and quality process for all reports, ensuring better alignment between business requirements and deliverables, strengthening process efficiency by reducing rework.
  • Provided project management and risk assessments for the Inspira and Umoja projects to DFS management, enabling senior leadership to reach critical deployment decisions. Reports detailed functional, operational, management, and deployment issues and risks. Risk management model identified, assessed and mitigated specific risks, including costs and benefits.
  • Represented DFS/FPD in Inspira Project Management Office and Senior Working Group, often managing FPD team in the development of business requirements, management of UAT and training, and structuring of deployment.
  • Initiated project to retire legacy Field Personnel Management System (FPMS) and transition administrative functions to Nucleus.
  • Transitioned infrastructure maintenance to OICT and ICTD, enabling FPD/IMU to focus on core responsibilities.
  • Contributed to organizational modelling for the Global Field Support Strategy, applying AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) model to decision-making process.
  • Managed project transitioning HR delegated authorities for the administration of international staff to the field, including all documentation and training, information management, communications, and new organizational structures.

United Nations Office of Project Services, 2007 - 2009

ECM Project Manager

Managed Enterprise Content Management (ECM) project for the Department of Field Support, Communications and Information Technology Service.

  • Coordinated efforts with partners in the Departments of Field Support and Peacekeeping Operations, as well as the Office of Information and Communication Technology, to develop global content management platform serving both the Secretariat and political and peacekeeping missions.
  • Provided senior management with both in-depth and high-level briefings to guide decision-making during initial phases of project, including the establishment of governance, business priorities, and infratructure.
  • Acted as point-of-contact with vendors to ensure timely delivery of contractual services, including the development of initial infrastructure.
  • Managed design and development of initial ECM applications for operational reporting and records management, coordinating efforts among customers in the field, headquarters, and development team.
  • Led DFS participation in the procurement of a talent management system, working with subject matter experts and stakeholders to draft statement of work, evaluate vendor proposals and demonstrations, and summarize conclusions.
  • Guided requirements definition for talent management project, including the implementation of documentation and design standards and sound business analysis practices.
  • Developed evaluation model and high-level project management framework for the ERP project and other high-profile projects, such as talent management and security.

United Nations, International Computing Center, New York, N.Y., 2005 - 2007

Provided business and systems analysis, technical documentation, and prototyping services.

  • Led business and technical analysis of the human resource processes for field missions, drafting workflows, process analysis, and system analysis.
  • Developed business analyses, functional requirements, and test plans for major software development projects aimed at building next-generation human resource systems.
  • Designed web interface for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations jobs pages, enhancing organizational branding as well as streamlining both the browsing and application processes.
  • Created templates for software development process.

BrainMedia, New York, N.Y., 2004 - 2005

Designed and produced documentation for wireless media software, including manuals and a white paper.

  • Authored three guides on installing, administering, and using core software products, balancing technical information and marketing messages.
  • Drafted white paper on BrainMedia's innovative platform and solution, including sections on patented compression technology. Worked with technical lead, sales and marketing manager, and product development manager to produce a balanced document appealing to a wide audience.

PreCache, Bridgewater, N.J., 2003

Developed documentation for an internet start-up which produced software for distributing both targeted and general messages within large networks.

  • Wrote and designed configuration and installation guide, programming manual, and API reference.for first public release of PreCache NetInjector software.
  • Programming manual and API reference provided both basic and detailed programming notes for C, C++, and Java developers building applications for distributing notifications across large networks.
  • Created PDF and HTML deliverables using original FrameMaker and WebWorks templates and macros.

Vertek, Murray Hill, N.J., 2001

Planned and managed design and implementation of Vertek's corporate website presenting Vertek's new business model to its target market.

  • Wrote all project, design, graphics, programming, and database specifications, working with Vertek's managers, programmers, and creative services designers to implement key deliverables.
  • Developed DHTML and Javascript components for dynamic navigation elements, scalability, and stylesheets. Navigation menus presented all levels of the site in easy-to-read, visually appealing submenus.
  • Designed personalization features which unobtrusively tracked visitors' behaviors during their visits, allowing the marketing department to target messages to customers without requiring any kind of site registration.
  • Built extranet incorporating existing Lotus QuickPlace technology into corporate website for a seamless marketing, project management, and support environment.

iFace, Kendall Park, N.J., 2000

Provided consulting services for Marketing, Application Development, and Documentation departments.

  • Managed iFace's relaunch of iFace.com, working with Rare Medium Group to develop a new site, incorporating branding, marketing, e-commerce, and support features into a new page layout and site architecture.
  • Designed interface for iFace.com, drafting HTML, CSS, and Javascript code for the initial prototype.
  • Managed the process of creating and delivering content, as well as the development of Dreamweaver templates based on original HTML code.
  • Built interface for client-side support of iFace's flagship VOIP product. Interface ran within password-protected area of iFace.com, facilitating a seamless connection between e-commerce, product support, and marketing.
  • Wrote FrameMaker templates for Documentation and Marketing that supported both print and HTML publishing. Templates reinforced branding statement on iFace.com.

CNET, Bridgewater, N.J., 1996-2000

Served as the documentation and training group's senior documentor, responsible for template design, desktop publishing solutions, mentoring, and online documentation for internal tools and systems.

  • Developed single-source desktop publishing solution that allowed for publishing content as paper, HTML, DHTML help, or quick reference cards. HTML templates included a wide range of navigation and layout options.
  • Led creation and design of an integrated help system, for which CNET applied for a patent, that embeds context- sensitive and task-oriented help directly into the interface.
  • Designed the DHTML interface and architecture for an internal tool that generated job descriptions from a database of group, position, and skill descriptions.
  • Wrote documentation for internal tools and systems including a survey manager, CNET's search technology, advertising technology, and the data warehouse group's report facility.
  • Developed Adobe FrameMaker and MS Word templates for CNET's Technology department. Produced native HTML versions of all templates, including PowerPoint slides.
  • Mentored junior members of the department, some of whom had little experience in desktop publishing, information design, or technical communication.

Bellcore (Systems Documentation), 1995-1996

As a contractor representing SDI (Systems Documentation, Inc., Edison, N.J.), provided FrameMaker and editorial support to Bellcore, especially their broadband product group.

  • Built FrameMaker templates, adopted by Bellcore as a corporate standard, for MediaVantage documentation, Bellcore's broadband solution. These templates served as the publishing foundation for over 70 volumes.
  • Wrote user guide for MediaVantage's report facility.
  • Converted approximately 15,000 pages of legacy documentation from Interleaf and MS Word to FrameMaker.

Write Right, Inc., 1995-1998

Created templates and multivolume document sets in FrameMaker and SGML for clients including SDI (serving Lucent and AT&T) and Aida (which provided translation services to IBM, Novell, R.R. Donnelly, and Bellcore).

  • Wrote FrameMaker templates for multilingual tool manuals for distribution in Europe. Formatted some 200 files, each including between six and ten languages, to meet ISO requirements.
  • Converted IBM manuals from postscript to FrameMaker for products sold in Europe and Asia.
  • Managed formatting and validation of over 10,000 SGML files converted from FrameMaker.
  • Converted 2,500 pages of documentation from MS Word to FrameMaker.


During an eight-year career teaching English, I consistently implemented student-centered practices and curricula that addressed the students' diverse experiences, aptitudes, and learning preferences.

Westfield H.S. Westfield, N.J., 1993-1995

Taught ninth and twelfth-grade students the compositional skills required for successful college work.

  • Tutored students expected to fail New Jersey's HSPT; 95% passed the tests and were thereby granted diplomas.
  • Organized and led a committee of faculty and students which conducted the school's first Unity Conference.

Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi Chicago, Ill., 1991-1992

Structured sixth-grade program at Orthodox day school so as to develop students' basic skills and to intensify their commitment to secular learning. Fostered both experiential and conceptual learning.

  • Expanded math program to include study of basic algebra; enriched units on geometry.
  • Science program included an advanced unit on the work and efficiency of simple machines.

Ridgewood H.S., Ridgewood, N.J., 1991

Assumed responsibilities for teacher on second-semester leave, teaching three classes of juniors and one ninth-grade class. Completed required syllabi while introducing new classroom procedures.

Lakewood Prep, Howell, N.J., 1988-1990

Taught grades eight through twelve: courses included grammar, literature, and composition.

  • Eighth-grade language arts class wrote, published, and sold a 100-page grammar book.
  • Member of student and faculty substance-abuse advisory committee; advisor for chess club; yearbook advisor.

Josephinum H.S. Chicago, Ill. 1986-1988

Successfully implemented `great books' program, replacing basal readers and workbooks with classics, at all-girls Catholic school in Chicago's inner city. Introduced college preparatory writing program.

  • Led faculty workshop on writing and using writing in all classes.
  • Taught students in Journalism to conceive, research, draft, and edit basic newspaper articles.
  • Supervised first student yearbook; organized and coached softball team; served on National Honor Society board.


My education focused on classical and modern philosophy, primarily Plato, Nietzsche, and Heidegger.


University of Chicago

M.A., 1986, Social Thought, "Faith and Transformation: Deuteronomy, Hamlet, Great Expectations"

University of Pennsylvania

M.A., 1980, Political Science, "An Essay Concerning Politics"

B.A., 1980, Political Science


Baking, breadmaking, chess, gardening, guitarmaking, politics, religion, woodworking.


references and portfolio available upon request  

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